St. Luke - The Master's Garden Club

  • The MASTER's Garden Club

    The purpose of our group is to ensure that everyone attending St. Luke is visually welcomed with a landscape that showcase our Lord's house.  We plant, weed, feed, trim, and mulch the shrubs and flowers directly around the entrance to our driveway, and our church perimeter.  

    If you enjoy giving glory to God by kneeling in the dirt surrounding his house, please join our loosely structured work group.  If you have a garden overflowing with blooms or know someone whose perennials need thinning, we are funded primarily through this type of donations.  We have some volunteers who oversee a small area, and some volunteers who work in any and all areas.  Our volunteers work independently as their spare time is available, and collectively for one larger Saturday workday each spring and fall.  

    You may call the office or contact Mary Giammalvo at for more information or to get involved.